Benefit Show for Devin Alan Ward of Cocknoose.

On Saturday May 18, 2013 we have the honor of playing a benefit for Devin Alan Ward.  Devin, who is the lead singer of Cocknoose was diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer over a year ago.  Devin is one of the toughest SOB’s we’ve ever met, so its no real surprise he has fought this battle with his two middle fingers high in the air!  We are all to familiar with the mental, physical and financial toll that this disease can do to ones person and family.  There isn’t a whole lot we can do ease the physical pain, but hopefully we can raise some cash which will in turn ease part of the mental anguish that comes along with having cancer.

Cretin 66 are dusting off the amps to play this show for Devin as well as a Cocknoose tribute band “Dick Lynch” which features Devin’s very own son, Treet on vocals.

Cocknoose is a huge influence on us.  Devin is even a bigger influence, so please come out and help a really good cause.

More details to follow.

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