Lawrence, Kansas’s Iron Guts Kelly was formed in 2002 by Sean Riley (drums) and Shawn Reynolds (bass). Sean and Shawn have known each other since the late 1980s and in the early 2000s they found themselves playing in a pop punk band together.  Having played in hardcore bands in the past Sean and Shawn decided they wanted to return to hardcore and create a band that was musically powerful with in your face lyrics…  Iron Guts Kelly was born.

Shawn enlisted friend and coworker, Josh Leon on guitar duties.  After only a few weeks Josh’s childhood friend Robert “Boj” Stevens was brought in on vocals. Since its inception Iron Guts Kelly has released five CDs and have toured the midwest, northeast and southwest.

In 2007 Iron Guts Kelly signed to H8 Piece Records based in Austin Texas for the release of their fourth album titled “Axe to Grind”. In 2010 Iron Guts Kelly signed with Kansas City based Violent Pacification records for the release of their fifth release titled “Killology”.


2012 marks the tenth anniversary of Iron Guts Kelly.  Most of 2012 will be spent writing their sixth studio album and a summer tour.

Flash forward to 2023.  We’re still here!  We are celebrating our 21 year with a slew of shows and a new album!  Stay tuned!

Musically, Iron Guts Kelly draw inspiration and energy from the hardcore, punk, metal, and classic rock bands they grew up listening to.  Lyrically, Iron Guts Kelly confronts the plight of working class families and urban decay.

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